Is blogging an important element of a website?

It is highly unlikely that we will have different answers. Of course blogging is good for website owners. We know this as it has been advocated for such a long time. What should we blog about then?

Some answers may include blogging about something you know about, blogging about something relevant to your website, something that may be interesting or perhaps about something that is all the rave in the media. Whilst all of these possible responses hold true there must be something that will guide and assist every website owner in deciding what to blog about.

At WebScripto we believe that a website owner must ask a very simple yet important question. Let’s look again at the question above. Is blogging an important element of a website? We already responded with a “Yes”. If this is the case then surely one must blog about what is important to your website/business. It will not be possible to discuss which matters/topics are important to our websites/businesses in a generic article like this one.

There may be many factors that are important to our websites or businesses and it will not be possible to list them all and speak to every website owner. Instead we are going to list just 4 generic reasons why you should probably be blogging. This will assist you in deciding what to blog about.

1. Position yourself as an expert:

Who will we approach if we need advice? Irrespective of the type of advice we may need, whether it is a legal opinion, purchasing a house or buying shoes we will approach somebody who is an expert. How do we know that a person is an expert? We will never know unless that person properly portrays him/herself as an expert, behaves like an expert or if we are referred to the expert by someone else who can testify to the expert’s service.

As a website owner you most probably have a business that sells products or services. By creating blog posts in which you discuss your niche market, give advice on specific products, services etc. You will in time position yourself as an expert. As can be expected this will not happen overnight, but every journey will have those first steps.

2. Give you satisfied customers something to share:

We all know that satisfied customers are likely to share their positive experience with their friends and family. Satisfied customers also have a tendency to return to your website. So why not give them something to share. If they read about a new product that will be launched in a week or two on your website it is very likely that they will share this info with their friends. The same will apply to well written blog posts that your customers may be interested in. If they found a blog post to be interesting and also informative they will share the blog post with their friends. As a website owner you are sure to benefit in this manner.

3. Improves your on-page SEO:

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is something that comprises of many components and approaches. One of the approaches to improve your search engine rankings is to have content on your webpages. Not just any content, rather usable and valuable information for visitors. Search engines has evolved to such an extent that its algorithms enables its web crawlers to detect valuable content. The best way to ensure that your website always has relevant and valuable content is to add a blog to your website. With blogging you can serve your visitors with fresh and relevant content on a continuous basis and get recognised and rewarded by search engines. The more frequent you update your website with fresh content the more often search engines will send its web crawlers to your website.

4. Increases your traffic:

This last reason to start blogging is actually a result of the above three reasons. This is why we have websites. We want more and more people to be aware of our business. If you furnish visitors with relevant and fresh content regularly, get your customers talking about your products/services, improve you SEO rankings you will without a doubt observe an increase in traffic to your website. More traffic affords you a better opportunity to turn visitors into customers.

I think we can safely assume that we all agree that blogging is important to your website. We will also agree that frequent blogging will aid your business/website or even your brand in getting recognised and promoted.

The question that I am going to leave you with is what you should be blogging about. What do you think will be good blogging topics for your website? How many topics can you think of? You will be amazed at how many topics you can actually come up with if you put your mind to it!

Go put your mind to it and most importantly enjoy it!

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