You have just realised that you need a website for your business or perhaps you have thought about it for some time and you are ready to contact WebScripto. Good for you! At WebScripto, we will definitely design and build your website with you. That’s correct, not for you, but with you!

Experience has taught us that although you have a dream website in mind there are often a large number of considerations that get overlooked. We have therefore compiled this handy list for you to assist you in considering the typical questions that we will ask you before we build your website. This list is not exhaustive and more often than not it will lead you to further considerations of your own. Great, let’s get that list going.

1) Who will be your target audience?
2) What is the purpose of your website
3) Your corporate core values: how do you want to express them to your visitors?
4) What distinguishes you from your competitors?
5) Why should people do business with you instead of with your competitors?
6) What should be the style of your website?
7) Which colours do you your company/business use?
8) Do your website need to match other company material such as adverts, pamphlets, brochures, etc.?
ux9) What functionality would you like your website to have?
10) Are there any specific features that your competitors’ websites have that your website needs to have?
11) Are there other website designs that you like?
12) What about those websites would you like us to incorporate into your website?
13) What do you not like about other websites?
14) Who in your business will be involved in the development of the website?
15) How will you keep your website up?
16) What is the budget set aside for developing a website?
17) Do you have a specific url or domain name in mind e.g
18) Do you need help selecting a good url and the registration thereof?
19) Will you need assistance in obtaining a web server where your website will be hosted?
20) Do you already have a logo or do you need to have one designed?
21) If you already have a logo, will you have it available in digital format?
22) Will you need a favicon?
23) Do you already have a tagline in mind or will you need help with that?
24) Do you already have content for the website or should we create it for you?
25) How many and which webpages need to be developed?
26) Will you or your team need training to update the website yourselves?
27) What type of actions would you like your visitors to take on your website?
28) Do you have photos, video clips, audio clips which you want to be included in your website or will you need assistance to create it?
29) Do you want a responsive design (viewable on all devices)?
30) Will you need multi-language support?
31) Will you need a shopping cart system for an e-commerce website?
32) Do you need a content management system or a static website?
33) Do you need help selecting a content management system?
webform34) Will your website need web forms, how many and what will their purposes be?
35) Will you need any social sharing features built in, such as for example twitter, LinkedIn , facebook, Instagram or any other similar features?
36) Will the website need to render subscription services such as newsletters?
37) What information must be on the homepage?
38) What information must always be visible?
39) Any specific “call to actions” on specific pages?
40) Do you require a database?

As mentioned above, this list is not exhaustive but simply a guide to get you started in deciding what your website should look like and also what experience your visitors should expect. As always, should you have any comment, question or anything else to share you are welcome to do so in the below form.

Take care

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