In our previous blog post we pointed out the immense value of blogging as a tool to generate traffic to your website. We compared a well-kept blog with the writings of Charles Dickens and argued that well-crafted blog posts can lead to success similar to Charles’ writings in periodical magazines in his time.

As a follow-up to our previous post we decided to draw up a list of blog articles that you may want to consider in establishing or growing your business via your website. The list is not exhaustive and we believe that you can add many more to the list. The idea is just to kick start your creative thinking in the right direction.

  1. Technology used in your products
  2.  Why you love your business
  3.  Why you believe in your products
  4.  A review of your product(s)
  5.  Aspects of your business your customers enjoys the most
  6.  Aspects of your business you like the most
  7.  Getting your ideas and others’ ideas to work together
  8.  What people say about your brand
  9.  The best way to purchase products in your niche
  10.  Things people do not know about your product(s)
  11.  Have someone write a guest post for your blog
  12.  Write about common misconceptions that people outside of your niche community have
  13.  Request your readers to give feedback about your business, products, brand, website,  blog etc.
  14.  Conduct a pole
  15.  Where your niche will be in the future
  16.  Identify a problem in your niche and give advice to fix it
  17.  Create a post of your favourite images in your niche
  18.  Compile a list of frequently asked questions
  19.  List the ideal set of skills to have in your niche
  20.  Write a post explaining the pros and cons of something
  21.  Latest news in your niche


As mentioned above, this is not an exhaustive list. We are sure that you will find many lists should you do a basic search via your favourite search engine.

Whatever your topic for a specific post it will always be advisable to consider the following:

  1.  Will the content of the blog post add value to the reader?
  2.  Will the content of the blog post add value to your website or business?
  3.  Will the content generate an interest in your products or services?
  4.  Will the content of the blog post entice readers to comment, share their views and lead to a discussion?
  5.  Will it generate traffic to your website?
  6.  Will it help convert traffic into leads?

As with almost any list, this list is also not exhaustive. The point we are trying to drive home is that regular blogging, if done properly, will lead to a growth in interest in your website, your product(s) and your business. Remember, a website that is regularly updated with fresh content and stays relevant in an ever-changing business environment is a sign of a real and living business. A real and living business in turn builds trust amongst potential and established clients.

You are very welcome to add a couple of blogging ideas to promote a business or make a general comment.

Take care

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