When you think of Charles Dickens, do you think of a boring run of the mill writer or does he stand out as one of the best writers of all times? He was of course a great writer and very knowledgeable about the social conditions and what needed to be addressed than any other writer I can think of today. He stood out and still stands out and is a writer who can be described as anything BUT mundane.

Yes well, we’re not Charles Dickens and we don’t live in a Victorian Society – lucky us! The principles utilised by Charles in his writing can however in our mind be applied as is in today’s social media marketing and in particular by means of Blogging.

We can almost hear audible gasps of shock and see the shaking of heads. Charles Dickens lived in the 19th century for goodness sake! How can anyone muster the audacity to compare him with the modern Bloggers, Content Writers and Technocrats of today?

Sit down, breathe deeply and really think about it. He wrote his books (even Oliver Twist) in a serialised fashion published weekly in Periodical Magazines such as Punch. Victorian people of the day simply could not wait to read the next edition in the series which was, when it was finished, published in novel format as well. His serialised fictions addressed the following principles of Blogging as among others set out by Mike Fishbein in his “Ultimate Guide to Blogging”:
• It was entertaining – nobody can deny that.
• It raised awareness (in his case about the appalling social conditions in Victorian Society).
• It reached a wide audience (both rich and poor and even the queen bought his serialised fiction).
• It was talked about and the word was spread (Charles was well known because of the fact that he exposed a non-functioning society even in his lifetime and even across continents in an era when the word “globalisation” did not exist yet).
• Everybody got to know him (His books were chosen above any other to buy if you only had one penny to spend because you wanted to know what he was going to say and write about next) – what is the difference between this and increasing website traffic?
• His books were shared among the people (Punch was a well-known periodical and if you could not afford the whole novel, surely you can buy the periodical and read the book as a series. In this way the entire community had access to his writings and they wanted to read his books, because his books were about them!)
• The distribution of his novels in serialised fashion was cheap and accessible – how is that different from modern blogging these days? By being cheap and accessible, he became well known.
• His novels were certainly targeted – it was targeted towards addressing the poor conditions in the society and both the poor and the rich read it and got to know how the other part actually lived and thought about each other.

Is your website attracting consumers to your business and encouraging them to buy products or services from you or can it be described as boring and run of the mill? If your business is standing still because your website is mundane, you need to urgently consider your options. Think about Charles Dickens and how he influenced and interacted not only with his readers but the entire community, the Government and even the Royal Family of the day and start Blogging!

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Kindly let us know whether you agree with out assessment and share your thoughts.

Author Kim Bock

Author Kim Bock

Kim Bock

Kim is the Marketing Manager and Content Writer at WebScripto. She writes Articles for WebScripto and its Clients. Please feel free to contact her if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.