Customer Engagement: The Customer JourneyIn our previous Blog Post we explained the concept of the Buyer Persona which in short is your Ideal Customer.  By now you should have a picture in your mind of who your Ideal Customer is. The next step is to understand the journey your customer or client undertakes to engage your services or to make a purchase from your online shop for the first time. Understanding this process (or what one calls the “Marketing Funnel”) can help you make critical sales and marketing decisions that will take your Company forward.What is a Marketing Funnel?Unbounce has the perfect definition for what exactly the Marketing Funnel is: “A model describing the various stages of a prospect’s journey from the first interaction with your brand to the ultimate goal: conversion. Conversion rate optimization is about moving people through your marketing funnel, turning them from prospects into raving, repeat customers.”


By understanding what your Buyer Persona wants to accomplish, and by understanding the Journey (s)he undertakes to obtain what (s)he is interested in, you can create the kind of content on your own website that will help him/her to achieve his/her own goals. If they get the answers to their questions or the means to achieve their goals on your website, they will remain as existing customers and may even refer new customers to your website.

What are the Components of a Marketing Funnel?


Above is an illustrated example of the Marketing Funnel.

Wikipedia summarizes the staged process which clients/customers go through before they acquire a service or purchase a product as follow:

Awareness – the customer is aware of the existence of a product or service

Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product group

Desire – aspiring to a particular brand or product

Action – taking the next step towards purchasing the chosen product”

How to Use the Information of your Marketing Funnel?

With your Buyer Persona(s) in mind and by understanding their Customer Journey you can create the ideal Digital Marketing Strategy for your business with the right “type” of content aimed at every stage of the Marketing Funnel. The ultimate goal is obviously to guide as many as possible customers to the “action” stage which is where they will engage your services or purchase your products. Your Content will depend on your Strategy which you will devise to accomplish your goals. Digital Marketing will be addressed in the next instalment, but to give you a taste, the main areas of Digital Marketing are:

  • Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Pay-per-click (Google AdWords)
  • Social Media Optimisation and Marketing
  • Video Marketing

In Conclusion

As stated in the previous instalment, if you want to grow your Business, you can only do that with an effective Digital Marketing Strategy. You have now as a first step created your Ideal Customer (Buyer Persona). You also understand what journey they will normally undertake to achieve their goals. Now you can start with the first step in your Strategy to engage and guide them to make a purchasing decision. This first step is to create the correct type of content (considering the above areas of Digital Marketing) for each stage of the Marketing Funnel. Watch out for the next instalment where we will cover these areas of Digital Marketing in more detail and which will assist you with the finalisation of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Through this process you will be able reach your customers online and effectively engage them. Properly engaged Customers are happy customers and a happy customer grows the reputation of your business and brings in that all important new business.

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