Today we proceed with our discussion on domains and how to choose one. In our previous article we have touched on the available generic Top Level Domains as an alternative to the Top Level .com Domain.

In this article we are going to list various generic Top Level Domains with a brief explanation of their purpose/meaning. We have not included a description of each domain as some of them are self-explanatory. Whilst all these domains may not be available in South Africa it may be interesting to some readers to see what a gTLD mean when they visit a site which uses one of these domains.

.academy academic institutes
.accountant accountants and accounting firms
.accountants accountants and accounting firms
.active general
.actor actors
.aero air-transport industry
.agency business associations
.airforce defense contractors
.apartments apartments
.app Phone apps
.archi architects and architect firms[43]
.army defense contractors
.associates business associations
.attorney attorneys and legal organizations
.audio stereo/sound systems, music
.bar Bars and related industry
.bargains coupons and online sellers
.beer breweries and beer aficionados
.bid auctions
.bike bicycles
.bingo bingo
.bio biodiversity, biographies
.biz business
.black those who like the color black[48]
.blackfriday Black Friday, retail
.blog Blogs
.blue those who like the color blue[50]
.boo ghosts and spooky business
.bot The .bot extension is dedicated to the Amazon technical platform.
.boutique specialized businesses
.box individuals and businesses, in order to promote personal cloud storage
.build construction industry
.builders construction workers
.business businesses
.buzz marketing and social networking
.cab cabs and taxi companies
.cafe coffee industry
.cam entertainment[52]
.camera camera-related businesses
.camp camps and camping
.cancerresearch Organizations, research institutes and individuals interested in ending cancer through research [54]
.capital financial firms
.cards general
.care healthcare industry
.careers Employment
.cars Automotive
.cash financial
.casino casinos
.catering Food service
.center general
.ceo CEOs
.chat online chat
.cheap Resellers
.christmas Christmas
.church churches
.city general
.claims retail, auctions
.cleaning Cleaning services
.clinic healthcare clinics
.clothing Apparel
.club groups, organizations, assemblies, communities, general
.coach travel (flights and motor coaches)
.codes computer and/or encryption code enthusiasts
.coffee cafés and coffee aficionados
.college Educational
.community social groups, neighborhoods
.company business associations
.computer Technology
.condos Real estate
.construction Construction industry
.consulting hired advisors
.contractors Remodeling and independent businesses
.cooking sharing recipes
.cool General interests
.coop cooperatives
.country general
.coupons coupons
.credit Financial institutions
.creditcard Financial institutions
.cricket cricket
.cruises cruise businesses and travel
.dad families
.dance Dance studios and companies
.date online dating
.dating online dating
.day general
.deals online shopping and couponing
.degree general
.delivery general
.democrat Democratic Party politics
.dental dentists
.dentist dentists
.design graphic art and fashion
.dev development
.diamonds diamond and jewelry industry
.digital general
.direct general
.directory general directory
.discount general
.dog dog stores and owners
.domains domain registries
.download technology
.eat restaurants and foodies
.education educational institutes
.email email
.energy energy industry and marketing
.engineer engineers and engineering firms
.engineering engineering firms
.equipment equipment-related businesses
.esq lawyers, law firms, legal professionals
.estate real estate businesses
.events happenings
.exchange generic trade
.expert generic expertise
.exposed general interest
.express shipping
.fail general
.faith religion and churches
.family families
.fans general
.farm farms and agriculture
.fashion clothing industry
.finance financial
.financial financial
.fish fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fishing fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fit Fitness and exercise
.fitness Fitness and exercise
.flights airline businesses and travel
.florist florists
.flowers florists and gardens
.fly travel
.foo web development
.football soccer and American football
.forsale online retail
.foundation charitable organizations
.fund financial
.furniture furniture businesses
.fyi “for your information”
.gallery photo and art galleries
.garden gardening
.gift gift-giving
.gifts gift-giving
.gives charities and gift-giving
.glass window sales and repairs
.global general
.gold gold and luxury
.golf golf
.gop Republican Party politics
.graphics graphics
.green the environmentally-focused
.gripe opinion sites
.guide help sites
.guitars Guitars
.guru generic expertise
.healthcare healthcare industry
.help help sites
.here generic geographic
.hiphop Hip hop culture
.hiv AIDS and HIV
.hockey hockey
.holdings real estate or financial business
.holiday holiday gift industry
.homes real estate professionals
.horse horse-related businesses and interest
.host network companies
.house real estate and construction businesses
.how how-to guides
.info information
.ing Verbal suffix: e.g., “”.
.ink creative printing or tattooing[64]
.insure Insurance companies
.international international entities
.investments financial
.jewelry jewelry stores
.jobs Employment
.kim people named Kim
Also means “who” in Turkish
.kitchen food industry and remodeling
.land real estate
.lawyer lawyers and legal organizations
.lease financing
.legal lawyers and legal organizations
.lgbt the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community
.life general
.lighting lighting
.limited general
.limo limousine businesses
.link connecting to information[68]
.loan banks and lenders
.loans banks and lenders
.lol LOL: laughing out loud
.love dating sites
.luxury businesses catering to the wealthy
.management business management
.market marketing services and retailers
.marketing marketing services
.markets financial and stock markets
.mba Masters in Business Administration
.media general media interests
.meet social gatherings, meeting new people
.meme Internet memes
.memorial memorial sites
.men men
.menu restaurants
.mobi mobile devices
.moe Japanese otaku culture
The word “moe” (Japanese: 萌え?, pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.[70]
.money financial
.mortgage mortgage lenders
.motorcycles motorcycles
.mov Digital video
.movie movies and cinemas
.museum museums
.name individuals, by name
.navy defense contractors
.network general
.new general
.news news sites
.ngo Non-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ong.
.ninja general expertise
.one general
.ong Non-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ngo.
.onl short for “online”
.online generic
.ooo general
.organic organic gardeners, farmers, foods, etc.
.partners businesses
.parts manufacturing and consumer auto
.party nightclubs and social gatherings
.pharmacy pharmacies
.photo photography and photo-sharing
.photography photography and photo-sharing
.photos photography and photo-sharing
.physio physical therapists
.pics photography and photo-sharing
.pictures photography and photo-sharing
.pink those who like the color pink
.pizza pizza parlors
.place general
.plumbing plumbing businesses
.plus generic
.poker Poker players and sites
.porn adult entertainment (pornography)
.post postal services
.press publishing and journalism
.pro professions/professionals
.productions studio/art businesses
.prof Professors, teachers and learning
.properties real estate
.property real estate
.qpon coupons
.racing racing
.recipes recipes and cooking
.red those who like the color red[77]
Also Spanish variant of .net
Also likely to be attractive for domain hacks for words that end with ‘-red’.
.rehab Rehab centers and support sites
.ren Renren users (ren means “people/person” in Mandarin Chinese pinyin
.rent Real estate professionals and small businesses
.rentals short-term ownership
.repair general repair/maintenance businesses
.report business services
.republican Republican Party politics
.rest Restaurants and related industry
.review public reviews
.reviews public reviews
.rich businesses catering to the wealthy
.rip memorial sites[79]
.rocks general
.rodeo Rodeo interest
.rsvp Invitations and replies
.run running and jogging
.sale retail
.school schools
.science science-related sites
.services business services
.sex adult entertainment (pornography)
.sexy adult entertainment
.shoes shoes
.show entertainment and vlogs
.singles online dating
.site general
.soccer soccer
.social general interest
.software computer software
.solar solar-power
.solutions business services
.space as a creative space
.store stores
.studio art, fitness, & entertainment
.style fashion
.sucks gripe sites
.supplies manufacturing industries
.supply manufacturing industries
.support help pages
.surf surfing
.surgery healthcare industry
.systems technology
.tattoo tattoo aficionados
.tax financial
.taxi taxi services
.team team sports
.tech technology
.technology technology
.tel Internet communication services
.tennis tennis
.theater theaters and cinemas
.tips general help topics
.tires tire manufacturers
.today general
.tools manufacturing industries
.top general
.tours tourism
.town generic geographic
.toys toy businesses
.trade businesses
.training training and how-tos
.travel travel and tourism industry related sites
.university young adults, university life
.vacations travel
.vet veterans and veterinarians
.video video sharing
.villas real estate and/or travel businesses
.vision eye-care businesses
.vodka Vodka-related businesses and interest
.vote democratic elections and campaign websites
.voting polling sites
.voyage travel
.wang general
Wǎng is a Chinese Mandarin pinyin rendering of 网 (“web” or “portal”).[83]
Wang is also a common surname in mainland China.
.watch Watches
.webcam Web cam shows and video sharing
.website general
.wed engaged couples and wedding-oriented businesses
.wedding wedding-oriented businesses
.whoswho general
.wiki wikis
.win games, Microsoft Windows
.wine Wine
.work general
.works general
.world general
.xyz general
.yoga yoga
.zone general




Corporate identifiers


.bar bars and pubs
.bank banks
.coop cooperatives
.enterprises business associations
.industries industrial businesses
.institute established business associations
.ltda companies in South America
.pharmacy pharmacies
.pub bars and pubs
.realtor realtors
.reit real estate investment trusts
.rest restaurants
.restaurant restaurants
.sarl Société à responsabilité limitée, Francophone Limited liability company
.ventures funding for start-ups


South Africa specific gTLD’s

Name Entity
.capetown Cape Town, South Africa
.durban Durban, South Africa
.joburg Johannesburg, South Africa

 We trust that you found this list interesting. Should you wish to obtain an explanation of any of the above gLTD’s you are more than welcome to contact us at


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