How long does it take to create a website?

Depending on the type of website it may take from 1 to 4 weeks to design and develop your website. If the design is complex and requires a number of revisions it may extend the process up to 5 or 6 weeks. Although we will always endeavour to finalise your website within the timeframe you require, it is always necessary to keep the above guidelines in mind.

What is the cost of a website?

You are welcome to look at our prices as shown here. If you need something different, because your website may be unique, we will give you a quote based on the actual requirements.

What type of technology do you use in designing and developing a website?

In designing a website, we will use software such as Photoshop and Illustrator to create a mock-up for your consideration. When the design is approved, we will do the coding in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. HTML5 is used to create all the content for the website. CSS3 is used to code the styling of the website (in other words to make it look the same as in the mock-up. JavaScript is used to give specific functionality to the website. PHP is used to create web forms and to facilitate communication between the website and the database.

For Content Management Systems (CMS) we use WordPress as the platform of choice.

Will I be able to see my website as it is being developed?

Yes, absolutely! We regard it as important that our clients are able to view their website throughout the development process. In order to do this, we create a subdomain on our website with the sole purpose to allow you to view the progress and more importantly, to give us feedback and inputs. As soon as the website is done and you are satisfied with the end product, we transfer it to your webserver.

Can I make any changes to my website without any additional costs?

After the completion of the website we give our clients a 30-day period during which all possible bugs is removed and minor tweaks are done free of charge. If the design change is not significant we will not charge you during the mentioned 30-day period. Should the changes however require complete re-coding of specific parts of the website we will have to charge you for the time spent to effect the changes.

Who will host my website?

Our preferred service provider is WebAfrica. If you have a different hosting company in mind, we are more than willing to use your preferred hosting company.

What else is included in your web design and development costs?

We include various services such as the creating and configuration of your email accounts, basic on-page search engine optimisation services. This includes the submission of your website to the major search engines and setting up your website’s primary metatag information. Lastly your website is built with a mobile first approach. This enables your website to be viewed on all devices that can access the internet.

Who will I work with during the project?

Good question. We do not use freelancers unless absolutely necessary. You will therefore have direct access to us and be able to work with us. If it is necessary to make use of a freelancer due to a very short deadline we will still be responsible for the service and you will therefore still work with us directly.

Do you offer any design templates to small companies with limited budgets?

No, unfortunately we do not create design templates as we focus on creating unique websites. We however, specialise in the creation of websites for small to medium sized businesses which is reflected in our extremely competitive prices. We can however assist you in tweaking and populating a template (which you have purchased) with your content at a nominal price.

When must I make the payment your website design and development services.

The size of the project will dictate. If it is a small project, we will require a payment of 50% of the estimated fee prior to us beginning work, with the remaining payment due upon completion of the project.

An initial payment of 33% of the estimated fee is required prior to beginning work on the project. At the halfway point we will require the second payment and the last payment upon completion of the project.

I need some changes to my current website. Do you offer such services?

Yes, we do. For changes to an existing website we will charge you at our standard hourly rate. For regular maintenance you may need to consider one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans, which may be more cost-effective.

What would you suggest as the best approach to content maintenance on my website to be?

It depends on the type of website you have. If you have a plain HTML5 website, it may be necessary to consider one of our Ongoing Maintenance Plans as above. We however strongly advise our clients to have their websites built by us on the WordPress platform. This platform is a Content Management System, which allows website owners to add new content themselves and save on costs in the process. We do offer Maintenance Packages which can be viewed here.

I noticed that you use WordPress. Do you work with other platforms such as Joomla, Drupal etc?

No, we only work with WordPress. We made this decision some years ago based on the fact that clients find it easier to learn how to maintain their website’s content compared to other platforms. This in turn lead to less maintenance costs.

Can you help me write content for my website?

Yes, with our in-house published author and copywriter we will be more than happy to write rich content with Search Engine Optimisation and your target audience in mind. We research all content in order to ensure that it is relevant, reliable and adds value to visitors to your website.

Who will source images for my website?

We will source it for you. We have two ways in which to source. Firstly, we have a fully equipped photographic studio to do all the product shoots. We can travel to your business’ premises and take the required photos using our mobile studio equipment. Secondly, we can source images from stock photo websites. Although not our preferred method there may always be the need for a stock image.

Will my website be backed up, and if so, who will do it?

We will ensure that your website is backed up daily, weekly or monthly. This is an automated process using the Administrator’s cPanel which is provided by the server hosting company.

How much will web hosting with WebAfrica cost me and is it included in your prices as advertised on your website?

The hosting costs is not included in our prices as many clients prefer to purchase the hosting package in their own names. In the event that you require our assistance in purchasing the server hosting package, we can purchase it and include it in our invoice or personally assist you with the purchasing process.

Will my website be secure?

Yes, we use Comodo security to secure the websites we develop. We display the Comodo Secure logo on your website and your website’s url will include the green lock and “https://” prefix. This is very important to create client-trust.

As always, you are welcome to ask any questions, give inputs or comments.

Take Care

Eitel Bock

Eitel Bock

Eitel is the owner and Lead Website Designer at WebScripto Pty Ltd. When not working on a website he loves to write blog articles covering various aspects of Website Design and Maintenance. Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.