Today we proceed with our discussion on domains and how to choose one. In our previous article we have touched on the available generic Top Level Domains as an alternative to the Top Level .com Domain.

In this article we are going to list various generic Top Level Domains with a brief explanation of their purpose/meaning. We have not included a description of each domain as some of them are self-explanatory. Whilst all these domains may not be available in South Africa it may be interesting to some readers to see what a gTLD mean when they visit a site which uses one of these domains.

.academyacademic institutes
.accountantaccountants and accounting firms
.accountantsaccountants and accounting firms
.aeroair-transport industry
.agencybusiness associations
.airforcedefense contractors
.appPhone apps
.archiarchitects and architect firms[43]
.armydefense contractors
.associatesbusiness associations
.attorneyattorneys and legal organizations
.audiostereo/sound systems, music
.barBars and related industry
.bargainscoupons and online sellers
.beerbreweries and beer aficionados
.biobiodiversity, biographies
.blackthose who like the color black[48]
.blackfridayBlack Friday, retail
.bluethose who like the color blue[50]
.booghosts and spooky business
.botThe .bot extension is dedicated to the Amazon technical platform.
.boutiquespecialized businesses
.boxindividuals and businesses, in order to promote personal cloud storage
.buildconstruction industry
.buildersconstruction workers
.buzzmarketing and social networking
.cabcabs and taxi companies
.cafecoffee industry
.cameracamera-related businesses
.campcamps and camping
.cancerresearchOrganizations, research institutes and individuals interested in ending cancer through research [54]
.capitalfinancial firms
.carehealthcare industry
.cateringFood service
.chatonline chat
.claimsretail, auctions
.cleaningCleaning services
.clinichealthcare clinics
.clubgroups, organizations, assemblies, communities, general
.coachtravel (flights and motor coaches)
.codescomputer and/or encryption code enthusiasts
.coffeecafés and coffee aficionados
.communitysocial groups, neighborhoods
.companybusiness associations
.condosReal estate
.constructionConstruction industry
.consultinghired advisors
.contractorsRemodeling and independent businesses
.cookingsharing recipes
.coolGeneral interests
.creditFinancial institutions
.creditcardFinancial institutions
.cruisescruise businesses and travel
.danceDance studios and companies
.dateonline dating
.datingonline dating
.dealsonline shopping and couponing
.democratDemocratic Party politics
.designgraphic art and fashion
.diamondsdiamond and jewelry industry
.directorygeneral directory
.dogdog stores and owners
.domainsdomain registries
.eatrestaurants and foodies
.educationeducational institutes
.energyenergy industry and marketing
.engineerengineers and engineering firms
.engineeringengineering firms
.equipmentequipment-related businesses
.esqlawyers, law firms, legal professionals
.estatereal estate businesses
.exchangegeneric trade
.expertgeneric expertise
.exposedgeneral interest
.faithreligion and churches
.farmfarms and agriculture
.fashionclothing industry
.fishfishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fishingfishing businesses, sports, and interests
.fitFitness and exercise
.fitnessFitness and exercise
.flightsairline businesses and travel
.flowersflorists and gardens
.fooweb development
.footballsoccer and American football
.forsaleonline retail
.foundationcharitable organizations
.furniturefurniture businesses
.fyi“for your information”
.galleryphoto and art galleries
.givescharities and gift-giving
.glasswindow sales and repairs
.goldgold and luxury
.gopRepublican Party politics
.greenthe environmentally-focused
.gripeopinion sites
.guidehelp sites
.gurugeneric expertise
.healthcarehealthcare industry
.helphelp sites
.heregeneric geographic
.hiphopHip hop culture
.hivAIDS and HIV
.holdingsreal estate or financial business
.holidayholiday gift industry
.homesreal estate professionals
.horsehorse-related businesses and interest
.hostnetwork companies
.housereal estate and construction businesses
.howhow-to guides
.ingVerbal suffix: e.g., “”.
.inkcreative printing or tattooing[64]
.insureInsurance companies
.internationalinternational entities
.jewelryjewelry stores
.kimpeople named Kim
Also means “who” in Turkish
.kitchenfood industry and remodeling
.landreal estate
.lawyerlawyers and legal organizations
.legallawyers and legal organizations
.lgbtthe lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community
.limolimousine businesses
.linkconnecting to information[68]
.loanbanks and lenders
.loansbanks and lenders
.lolLOL: laughing out loud
.lovedating sites
.luxurybusinesses catering to the wealthy
.managementbusiness management
.marketmarketing services and retailers
.marketingmarketing services
.marketsfinancial and stock markets
.mbaMasters in Business Administration
.mediageneral media interests
.meetsocial gatherings, meeting new people
.memeInternet memes
.memorialmemorial sites
.mobimobile devices
.moeJapanese otaku culture
The word “moe” (Japanese: 萌え?, pronounced as “moh-ay”) is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.[70]
.mortgagemortgage lenders
.movDigital video
.moviemovies and cinemas
.nameindividuals, by name
.navydefense contractors
.newsnews sites
.ngoNon-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ong.
.ninjageneral expertise
.ongNon-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ngo.
.onlshort for “online”
.organicorganic gardeners, farmers, foods, etc.
.partsmanufacturing and consumer auto
.partynightclubs and social gatherings
.photophotography and photo-sharing
.photographyphotography and photo-sharing
.photosphotography and photo-sharing
.physiophysical therapists
.picsphotography and photo-sharing
.picturesphotography and photo-sharing
.pinkthose who like the color pink
.pizzapizza parlors
.plumbingplumbing businesses
.pokerPoker players and sites
.pornadult entertainment (pornography)
.postpostal services
.presspublishing and journalism
.productionsstudio/art businesses
.profProfessors, teachers and learning
.propertiesreal estate
.propertyreal estate
.recipesrecipes and cooking
.redthose who like the color red[77]
Also Spanish variant of .net
Also likely to be attractive for domain hacks for words that end with ‘-red’.
.rehabRehab centers and support sites
.renRenren users (ren means “people/person” in Mandarin Chinese pinyin
.rentReal estate professionals and small businesses
.rentalsshort-term ownership
.repairgeneral repair/maintenance businesses
.reportbusiness services
.republicanRepublican Party politics
.restRestaurants and related industry
.reviewpublic reviews
.reviewspublic reviews
.richbusinesses catering to the wealthy
.ripmemorial sites[79]
.rodeoRodeo interest
.rsvpInvitations and replies
.runrunning and jogging
.sciencescience-related sites
.servicesbusiness services
.sexadult entertainment (pornography)
.sexyadult entertainment
.showentertainment and vlogs
.singlesonline dating
.socialgeneral interest
.softwarecomputer software
.solutionsbusiness services
.spaceas a creative space
.studioart, fitness, & entertainment
.sucksgripe sites
.suppliesmanufacturing industries
.supplymanufacturing industries
.supporthelp pages
.surgeryhealthcare industry
.tattootattoo aficionados
.taxitaxi services
.teamteam sports
.telInternet communication services
.theatertheaters and cinemas
.tipsgeneral help topics
.tirestire manufacturers
.toolsmanufacturing industries
.towngeneric geographic
.toystoy businesses
.trainingtraining and how-tos
.traveltravel and tourism industry related sites
.universityyoung adults, university life
.vetveterans and veterinarians
.videovideo sharing
.villasreal estate and/or travel businesses
.visioneye-care businesses
.vodkaVodka-related businesses and interest
.votedemocratic elections and campaign websites
.votingpolling sites
Wǎng is a Chinese Mandarin pinyin rendering of 网 (“web” or “portal”).[83]
Wang is also a common surname in mainland China.
.webcamWeb cam shows and video sharing
.wedengaged couples and wedding-oriented businesses
.weddingwedding-oriented businesses
.wingames, Microsoft Windows




Corporate identifiers


.barbars and pubs
.enterprisesbusiness associations
.industriesindustrial businesses
.instituteestablished business associations
.ltdacompanies in South America
.pubbars and pubs
.reitreal estate investment trusts
.sarlSociété à responsabilité limitée, Francophone Limited liability company
.venturesfunding for start-ups


South Africa specific gTLD’s

.capetownCape Town, South Africa
.durbanDurban, South Africa
.joburgJohannesburg, South Africa

 We trust that you found this list interesting. Should you wish to obtain an explanation of any of the above gLTD’s you are more than welcome to contact us at