Why should I get a WordPress website?

In today’s article we will answer the question: Why should I get a WordPress website?

So you have realised that your business needs a website that must assist you with getting leads and guide potential customers towards purchasing your products or services. Despite knowing what you will need your new website to do, you may have the same question that many business owners ask themselves: “There are so many options out there. Which website platform should I get?”

At WebScripto we are of the firm belief that you should look at no other option than to get a WordPress website. We have previously written an article on why we use WordPress at WebScripto.

Let us consider the reasons why you should get a WordPress website:

  1. Content Management System (CMS):

There are quite a growing number of CMS platforms out there to choose from. A CMS website simply refers to a non-static website, in other words a dynamic website of which the content can be changed at any time without having to use any coding language.

WordPress allows its users to publish their latest products or services at a moment’s notice. Once content is added or changed it is available on your website immediately.

  1. Ease of use:

WordPress is a simple yet powerful website platform. Many website owners will testify to the fact that they can maintain their websites themselves without having to resort to website developers. Once the WordPress website has been designed, developed and delivered, the user-friendly administration area from which the website is maintained, will allow you to keep your website up and running with the minimum required input.

Keeping your website updated is a breeze. This task can even be automated.

  1. WordPress is great for both blogs and websites:

By utilizing a WordPress blogging platform you can keep your clients informed via regular blog articles. Regular blogging also assists you with building trust with your clients and allows your business to become an authority in its genre/niche.

  1. Unlimited design options

There is no reason why your WordPress website should look like any other website out there. It is completely customisable and any look or feel can be created. There are thousands of quality WordPress themes available to speed up the creation and launch of your website. This should however not be a reason why you cannot have your WordPress website look the way you want it to look.

  1. Complex functionalities:

By utilizing a Programming language, PHP, you can add any conceivable function to your website. This includes e-commerce functionality, forums, membership websites, automated training courses and many other functions. These functionalities can be obtained in the form of plugins that can be added to your WordPress website with the click of a button.

Since WordPress is the biggest CMS out there, it has a huge community of developers and users. This means more quality plugin-based functions are available than any other CMS out there.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation:

Search Engine Optimisation needs no introduction. When it comes to this all important approach to the visibility of your website, WordPress does not need to step back. At its core WordPress makes provision for SEO practices and with the help of a free plugin such as Yoast SEO you can tweak your website for optimal SEO scores. 

  1. Responsive (mobile-friendly) websites:

When you get a WordPress website you can be sure that it will be able to display properly on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. WordPress themes can utilise css frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation and many others. It is also possible to use media queries and grid-based layouts in WordPress. 

  1. WordPress is mature:

Whilst many newer CMS systems are trying to emulate WordPress and its ease of use, WordPress has been actively busy growing into a complete solution. During the past decade WordPress has been refined, tested and enhanced. It has evolved into a world-class web publishing system.

  1. Room for website developers:

Although WordPress is hailed for its simplicity and ease of use it has enough room for developers and designers to create unique and individual websites for any type of business. Performance and power has not been sacrificed during the process to make WordPress accessible for all users irrespective of their skill levels.

  1. WordPress is Open Source:

Being Open Source means that WordPress’ Core platform is free. In our books nothing beats free. The main advantage of being open source is that WordPress has the largest community of users, designers and developers out there. In turn this means great support groups for entry level and skilled user alike.

We have listed the main reasons why you should get a WordPress website. There are many more reasons why WordPress websites are the best. You are welcome to share your reasons why you believe WordPress is the best website platform. In a different article we dig a bit deeper and show you the two WordPress options available and which will be the best option to use.