You have been considering getting a website for your small or medium sized business or even a personal online portfolio. What can you expect when you get WebScripto to do it for you?

1. Meeting, meetings & meetings:

You probably love meetings less than we do, but hey it is sometimes good and of great value (when done properly). After contacting us to enquire into getting a website built for you we will set up a meeting with you at your convenience. (As we are getting paid we will be OK with a bit of inconvenience.)

During this meeting we will get to know you, your business/company, your brand, your products and target market. We will also establish your specific online needs, preferences and allocated budget within which we need to keep.

We will take the necessary instructions and accept a second cuppa coffee, after which we will head back to our office.

2. Registration & Paperwork:

One of the ever important matters that many people overlook is to establish whether the name of the company or the name of the website they had in mind is available. This can be done by yourself very easily by visiting You can view various domains such as, .com, .net, .org etc. to establish whether your website name is available or already taken by someone else. Although you can do this yourself when you consider getting a website we can assist you at no extra cost if you need our assistance.

We will assist you, if needed, with the actual registration of your chosen and available domain name such as We will also assist you in obtaining a web server that will host your website. This is simply a company with very big computers on their premises, which is connected to the internet 24/7. You purchase a space on their computers (better known as a server). Your website will be uploaded to this server after which your website will be available for all to see on the internet.

3. Mocking:

With your needs, specifications and instructions fresh in our minds we will start planning your website, create some ideas, argue amongst ourselves and decide on a couple of ideas that might just work.

This battle of wills will be followed by a treaty of some sorts during which all and sundry will return to their corners and start designing and creating outlines in respect of the look, the feel, the user interface, the user experience, and the all-important content of your website.

This will lead to a couple of mock-up websites from which you can choose, chop and change until you are satisfied with the anticipated result. We will guide you in respect of best practises and the feasibility of specific ideas.

4. Construction ahead:

With the visual aspects of the website as well as the functionality thereof agreed to, we will start with the construction of your website. Different bits and pieces will be built by coding it in different language codes such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP. In addition, if your website will be data driven such as an online store or membership area we will start construction of the necessary databases using MySQL.

From a geek’s perspective tapping out the code to generate and realise the visual ideas is the best part of the process. It is during this phase that things start to come together and the idea becomes a reality.

Possible problem areas are identified and corrected after consulting you. We will keep you updated during the process and you will always be welcome to pop in and have a look and some coffee as well.

As soon as all the parts of the website are finished and all the bugs have been removed from the code we will assemble the website to establish whether all the different parts of the website are communicating properly with one another.

5. Content with intent:

Although the creation of content for your website is normally done during the construction phase it is necessary to deal with it separately as it is actually more important than what the website looks like.

This is no wonder if you consider that Search Engine giants such as Google, Yahoo and Bing have developed algorithms that look at the actual type of content available to visitors and use this information as the most important part to give your website a higher ranking.

It is therefore imperative that our in-house content/copy writer develop the written content of your website to give it the best possible change to add value to the visits of your visitors to your website. Content writing is an art of its own and deserves an article of its own.

We will get the information around your business, products and target market from you and you will actually remain in charge of the content placed on your website. We will ensure that it is written in a scientifically researched manner to ensure the best possible effect.

6. Launch:

It is now time for the fat lady to sing! After everything has been checked, re-checked and checked again for good measure, we will upload your website to the server. We will make sure that the website and the database understand one another and are prepared to communicate with one another.

After this we can pat ourselves as well as yourself on the back. You and your business are now online and ready to showcase your products to the world!

Final remark:
The above article/post is not a comprehensive all-inclusive explanation on how we do it at WebScripto. It only serves as a brief guideline of what to expect if you decide to make use of our services. We will explain everything fully during our first meeting even before you decide whether to make use of our services or not.

Kindly contact us here should you need to discuss your website needs with us.

You are also welcome to share your view in the comments box below.

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