Should you stop resisting writing blog posts?

We have had innumerable conversations with both clients and people in the online industry about blogging and how important blogging is to a website. We have recently written a short blog article on the importance of blogging with regards to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We also have a handy article on the credibility blogging gives to your business. Going back to the many conversations we have had, we had equally as many different excuses about why people are not blogging. I think it will be possible to write a book, not a blog article about all the excuses people have for not blogging.

To keep it short however, we will look at the most common reasons/excuses why people do not want to blog or lose interest in blogging after posting two or three blogs.

Not knowing what the benefits of blogging are:

Although it is hard to believe, there are many business owners and individuals out there who have not realised the importance of blogging yet or how it can benefit their businesses. The reasons why blogging is important are to many to list in a single blog post. I would however suggest that people do a search of the benefits of blogging and read up on these themselves. From our viewpoint blogging is an absolute necessity to get people to notice your website, to get to know your product and to have the ability to become authoritative in a specific field or niche. These three reasons alone should be able to motivate any business owner to start the blogging thing!

I cannot write:

If we could have a silver coin for every time we heard this excuse, we would have been living in paradise from where we could have written several blogposts without any interference, except for an afternoon nap. If you have never written a blogpost before, it simply means that…You have never written a blog article before…nothing more and nothing less. It does not mean you cannot write. Although we understand the anxiety when it comes to publishing your first blog post/article, the reward and satisfaction of having completed something new, far outweighs the anxiety.

It is a well-documented fact that we are hesitant and even afraid when we do something for the first time. What can make it even more difficult is the fact that we know that whatever we have written can potentially be viewed by a massive audience. With that comes the possibility of negative feedback (rejection).

Our advice to our clients has always been, “you know your product or service better than anyone else, so write from that perspective” and “always do research prior to writing a blog post/article”. In addition, we also advise our clients to give the draft blog post to a colleague, friend or a relative to read. Give it to somebody that will be very honest with his/her feedback and who will be willing to really assist you. If you know someone that has knack for proper grammar and spelling you will also know that your post has been given an editorial overview.

I don’t like to write:

We know that sitting behind your keyboard and typing away at your post/article can easily be replaced with something more fun and enjoyable, such as listening to your mother in law’s childhood memories. We also understand that writing is not always the most pleasant way to spend time. We have however realised that setting ourselves achievable goals and mini-goals in between is a good way of staying motivated.

By planning and knowing your goals you will know exactly how much time will be spent on research and writing and if you stick to them the satisfaction of achieving your goals will again outweigh the horror of having to write something. We have also learned that writing in short spells is much more productive and the time in between writing sessions gives you the opportunity to reflect on what you are writing. Sometimes inspiration to improve your article is born in between writing sessions.

Lastly, we also understand that not all writing is pleasant. Nothing can be more tedious than writing about something you don’t like. Then again, writing about something you like or know very well can be just as pleasant as talking about it. The benefit with writing though, is that nobody will interrupt you as they normally do in a conversation.

I am too busy to write:  

We cringe every time when we hear this excuse. It either means that the poor person is working him/herself to death or that we (WebScripto Team) have too much time on our hands. It is not uncommon for a person to be too busy to do the lawn, do the dishes or to visit his/her in-laws. It’s intrinsic to human nature to “be too busy” to do something we dread, fear or do not like. There is not much to write about this excuse other than to confirm that it is just an excuse to not do something.

This excuse is mostly born out of the previous point “I don’t like to write” and in most instances proper planning, as suggested above, will help you to put some time aside to start writing those blog articles.

I don’t want to write:

Now this is honesty. If you do not want to write, you most probably will not write. Nobody will make you write and we do understand that. There is no “however” or “but”. Just don’t write. The fact that you are not going to write is not going to make your business less successful than it maybe at the time you are reading this article.

It will however prevent your business from being seen by many potential new visitors, leads and/or clients. If writing is not your thing it may be time to consider investing in getting someone to write blogposts for you. There are many writers out there that can write a successful blogging campaign or series for you at competitive prices. There are some very good freelance writers available at fiverr or even at SAFREA if you are looking for local South African freelance writers.

Lastly WebScripto also offers content and blog writing services. See our writing services here.

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